Turntables: Rega P3-24 / Rega Bias 2

June 17, 2008

This is my current turntable doing fine justice to the vinyl I have collected over the years.


It has stacks of nice low down bass, clear vocals and good stereo channel separation. It’s paired with a matching Rega Bias 2 cartridge. The tracking is fine. Even records purchased from second-hand shops and car boot sales that look badly handled (finger marks and swept across scratches) don’t upset the stylus that much to be annoyed by it.


In comparison to my previous owned and disgraced Pro-Ject Debut II, this deck has a solid plate glass platter (that does not resonate like a bell when hit), a very stiff arm made from die-cast aluminium as a whole piece incorporating the headshell, and a vibration free synchronous motor. The only thing that vibrates is the tip of the stylus. That is exactly as it should be!


The P3-24 is a recent development of the Rega’s classic Planar 3 turntable. That design is now over thirty years old and little has changed except for the design of different tone arms – a business that Rega itself is famous for; they build tone arms (and decks) for a few other turntable manufacturers. The tone arm on the P3-24 is known as the RB301.

Maybe it was just my luck, but I found the Rega Bias 2 seemed to be a magnet for getting clogged with contaminants from dirty records. But over time this problem has receded, which is a bit of a relief as the (£50) cartridge and stylus are an inseparable unit – you have to return the cartridge to Rega to get the stylus tip replaced!


Turntable: Pro-Ject Debut II

May 9, 2008

In short this was a budget turntable with barely any bass and no deck suspension 😦 An unfortunate snap purchase that I made while failing to get another deck (A Thorens TD125 MKII found in a Notting Hill secondhand shop) fixed to maintain constant speed and tracking.


Snap purchases are bad news sometimes. Was the cart/arm set with the wrong Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA)? Dunno. It just sounded thin and uninspiring whatever I did.