Tuner: Technics ST-G70L LW/MW/FM Stereo Tuner

May 29, 2008

This Technics ST-G70L tuner was bought (and the timer above it – for I would normally be somewhere else when recording) for the one occasion of the year where UK radio excels – namely the DJ party mix compilation played on New Years Eve – and no doubt recorded by quite a few archive tapers like me 🙂


It has a few nice features that set it apart from other non-digital Hi-Fi tuners, particularly when used in a reception area plagued with interfering FM radio stations broadcasting on frequencies close to each other.

Namely dual bandpass filters in the FM front end (for the RF and IF sections) can be set to normal (+/- 400 kHz) or “super narrow” (+/- 200 KHz) as necessary.

The selection of these filters can be done by an ‘auto RF’ button which does a nice little dance on the display when doing so. The above video clip (with sound) shows a short demonstration of this feature.

I’ve got the user manual as a PDF here for download, which includes specs. I’d quite like a copy of the service manual if anyone has that!