Repair: Denon UD-M50 CD Autochanger Receiver

February 15, 2007

“Fixed” this for a friend. Actually, just replaced a fuse which had departed from this life for no real explained reason. The fuse (T800mA 20mm) was in the primary of the main transformer; the standby supply is via another smaller transformer – that supply was OK, until I slipped with the meter probes and expired another fuse (N15 Wickman 630mA) which required taking the thing to bits, then finding all of the screws their way back home. 🙂

As a popular item highlighted in the UK’s What Hi-Fi magazine, it sold well and they do show up on EBay from time to time. Some with faults caused by users accidentally placing multiple CD’s in the same drawer – which causes the mechanism some unfortunate pain. A good sounding unit otherwise. It’s also identified as a Denon DM50 in some places.

The above video shows the insides as CD’s are inserted, removed and cycled through. Note I’m doing this with the covers off – and I’m well away from the direct axis of the laser beam which is not too good for the eyes.

The 3-CD changer mechanism is made by Sanyo. There is another video file floating about the internet (google “”) which explains some common faults found with this mechanism.