Recycle: Join FreeCycle!

Seems a lot of folks dispose of perfectly reusable stuff in the rubbish.

And, government subsidised organisations would rather smash to pieces various items to reclaim their component valuable materials.

For things that still can be used, repaired, modified or learnt from, I very much feel that this is a horrible sin 😦

Freecycle Logo

So join Freecycle!

Members freely advertise their WANTEDs & OFFEREDs on an internationally run Yahoogroup email service. Ride over to either the main site or to find out more.

Though I’ve been given some excellent treasures though the huge London FreeCycle list, the service has been good for actually clearing my own space, moving on things I’d never use.

“The pleasure of giving junk should be for life – not just for Christmas!” 🙂

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