MiniDisc: Sony MDS-JB920 Minidisc Deck

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After the purchase of a portable MiniDisc recorder (Sony’s MZ-R30), I became interested in purchasing an accompanying MiniDisc recording deck for the Hi-Fi stack.

Starting from 1998, Sony were churning out quite a few different domestic models for the home. I found the spec of the MDS-JB920 deck mainly appealing due to the feature of S/PDIF digital output from the Minidisc deck AND the same digital output active while monitoring analogue or digital input signals when set up in recording-pause mode. I’ll cover this later.

The deck is part of Sony’s QS range of quality components and is solidly built to show the promise. It has the following connectivity.

1 analogue ‘line in’
2 digital toslinks
1 digital coaxial

1 analogue ‘line out’
1 digital toslink
1 digital coaxial

The supplied remote control is a bit of a monster

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